Friday, November 23, 2007

Some changes, please read especially if you use RSS

Since last March I've been engaging in the somewhat mentally ill practice of running two blogs with essentially the same content. I've decided to consolidate things at onethirdvignette.com. Soon onethirdvignette.blogspot.com will redirect to onethirdvignette.com. Although the transfer should be seemless, a whole lot of you read this blog via RSS, so I wanted to give you ample notice in case something goes wrong. 

So after posting this notice, I am going to make a minor change to the feed and then post a follow up that should take you to the new blog. If your subscription gets lost and you don't see this second post, I sure would appreciate it if you went to onethirdvignette.com and re-subscribe. Thanks for putting up with all this. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy Busy

Been a busy dude. Busy, busy, busy. In time for the holidays, I intend to unveil a collection of photographs suitable for gift giving. Keep an eye for that on Friday. Here's a quick rundown of some recent stuff I've been working on.

Cowtown Cross

Yesterday morning I met Bernie at the Moritz Cowtown Cross. Check out my photos and Bernie's write up here at WestandClear.com.

Gas Drilling Rig near Bluebonnet Circle

Last night I shot some pictures of a gas drilling rig that popped up very close to the Bluebonnet Circle in Fort Worth. Steve-O has a great write-up/confessional that includes some more of my photos at WestandClear.com.

Paul Soter and Jay Chandrashekar

The Lone Star International Film Festival debuted in Fort Worth, and I was running around like a mad man for 5 days shooting pics, attending panels and catching flicks. See more photos and read all the write-ups here.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2007 in Austin, TX

Murder City Devils

Ted Leo

Murder City Devils

Murder City Devils

Murder City Devils

Riverboat Gamblers

Against Me!


Bathroom Line

Last weekend Tar and celebrated her birthday by driving down to Austin and seeing like a thousands band at the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Despite the fact that it was a music festival, we had a great time. The line up was really good. Some bands I saw: Murder City Devils, Against Me!, Neurosis, Angry Samoans, Youth Brigade, Ted Leo, of montreal, Sick of It All, Mates of State, Poison Idea, Riverboat Gamblers, and MC Chris.

Neurosis, with thier synchronized freak my mind out spooky-delic video rocked my face off. I am so glad I finally got to seem them as they play like 5 shows a year. And it was rad seeing some of the bands of my youth like Angry Samoams, Sick of It All and Youth Brigade.

Of course the highlight was the Murder City Devils. The crowd erupted when they came on, singing-out, dancing like heck. It was delirously fun...It's been years since I've seen a crowd come alive like that. When the finished their set, the demand for an encore was so epic, Spencer the lead singer came out to explain that because they've been broken up for like 6 years they simply don't know any more songs. But the crowd stood firm, and eventually the Murder City Devils relented, replaying two songs from the set. In all the years and all the shows I've either attended or worked at I've never seen such a thing. It sounds a bit corny, but I really felt like I was taking part in a special moment that night.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Vote for Bernie Scheffler

Vote for Bernie Scheffler, originally uploaded by peteg.

Bernie Scheffler is running for District 9 City Council here in Fort Worth. It's been an intense and interesting race.

If you live in Fort Worth, please read on. I've been working with Bernie on Westandclear.com for just over a month now. I personally vouch for him and will tell you that if we had less politicians and more people like Bernie running things, our country would have a better state of affairs.

I am sure you have personally experienced the exciting and extensive change Fort Worth in undergoing. We need a voice on the City Council that speaks for regular folks like you and I.

Bernie isn't a political player with a network of cronies; he's a sensible and successful small business owner with a rational vision for our future.

Please read Bernie's own words as to "Why you should vote for me".


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